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It all started with a Dream!

A Dream to find happiness in the little things in life, to get rid of all the clutter that modern lifestyle has to throw at us, to find meaning and to keep going no matter what.

Back in March of 2017, We started Teezo Lifestyle LLP with the hope & dream that we will help you do all of the above. We wish to make you feel good while you are busy working hard to achieve your dreams and your aspirations. We might not be able to reduce your responsibilities or get rid of your dumb boss. But you can always look at the small beautiful things that bring joy, like our designs; that can make you smile as well as inspire you.

At Teezo we believe in keeping things to the minimal, reducing clutter and mess in our day to day lives. Our designs reflect the philosophy of saying more with less. Capturing your feelings and dreams without unnecessary loudness.

One thing that we strongly believe in and would never compromise is Quality. Even with high cost and minuscule margins, quality is like water to us. Plain and basic, yet the most vital building block of our company. We know that if you are to achieve your true potential, our products need to be comfortable, durable and personal.

We are the friendliest bunch of people who love to meet and talk to new people. Since we don't get to do that all the time, we have used our customer care channel to make our customers feel that they are talking to their friend when they reach out to us. Like a true friend, we do take away most of their worries and make shopping with us a lovely experience.

Within a span of a bit more than a year, we have launched 400+ designs and have made numerous friends with our customers who have loved us for all the right reasons.

We would love to tell you more about our journey so far. If interested, come over for a cup of coffee.