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How to take care of your favorite T-shirt?

by Aditya Venkat on July 05, 2017

T-Shirts made of 100% cotton give an amazing level of comfort and can be worn all year long. However, they do need some care for it to last longer. Here is a quick guide to ensure you do not kill your cool prints on t-shirts before its time has come.


1. Read the Wash Care.

Read the wash care instructions carefully. They are there for a reason. Each t-shirt might be different based on its fabric composition and each might need a separate care.


2. Cold/Warm Water Wash

The best bet for most T-shirts is to wash them in cold water. The maximum temperature that most 100% cotton t-shirt can take is 40 degrees Celsius. It is also to be noted that hot wash can cause excessive shrinkage and color bleed so stay away from doing that.

3. Washing Inside out

When washing your tee in a washing machine, make sure you turn it inside out. It prevents exposure to excessive detergents and helps in ensuring that the print and the outside of your t-shirt does not rub with zippers, buttons, or other items that are being washed together.

4. Do not use bleach

Using bleach for your tees can have severe effects. It can affect the integrity of the fabric and lead for it to degrade soon. It may also cause the color to fade, leading the fabric to look old.

5. Tumble Dry Vs Flat Dry

Most manufacturers recommend flat dry because cotton fabrics tend to lose its shape when wrung. However, if you still want to use a dryer, use it in low setting. Tumble dry with high settings is a big no no.

6. Drying inside out

Dry your t-shirts inside out, as constant exposure to sun and heat can lead to colour loss.

7. Drying in shade

Dry your t-shirt in shade for the same reason that you dry it inside-out. Direct Sunlight has a negative effect on your t-shirt and may cause it to lose its colour over time.

8. Avoid Iron if you can.

Avoid ironing your t-shirt in the first place. Ironing may lead your t-shirt to lose its shape. You may use steam, or fold and keep it under a pillow to get rid of the wrinkles.

9. Do not iron on Prints

Ironing on prints is the ultimate way to kill it. Some prints might melt and stick to the iron ruining your t-shirt forever. If you have to iron, turn it inside out or place a fabric on top of the design to use it.

10. Avoid storing them in Hangers

If you do not use your t-shirt frequently, storing them in hangers can cause them to lose its shape. The best way to store them is to fold it or roll it.

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