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Feel Alive - Find your Calling | Why we chose this theme?

by Teezo Lifestyle on August 02, 2018  in New Arrivals

When we were kids, we were so excited about the tiniest of things and were so much more daring than we are today. We would go to great lengths for a small reward. Now, when we are all grown up, we try to think of all possible outcomes and side-effects before taking any action. Our decisions, mostly driven by limitations, responsibility and priorities often stop us from doing what our heart desires.

We know that somewhere deep down we all want to try something really crazy which might scare the shit out of us someday. But, our limitations stop us from doing them right now. All we can tell ourselves is that a day shall come when we will listen to our hearts and give our dreams the priority it deserves. We might not be able to do them right now, but those dreams and hopes are a part of us.

Seeing how engrossed we are in our work lives and how stressed and restless it might make us sometimes, we have chosen a fitting theme for this launch. Something that captures our wishlist and keeps our dreams alive and reminds us to keep going no matter what. 

If you have done adventure sports in the past let these tees be a souvenir of the same and if you wish to do them in the future, let these tees be a reminder of what is to come. In short, these tees are must-haves for your wardrobe ;-)


View Collection - Feel Alive


Tell us what you think of the collection and what is it that is missing so we can make even better designs for our next collection. Awaiting your ideas... 



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